Let There Be Drums

Let There Be Drums is a free celebration of drumming, drummers, music and philanthropy. Join us in our goal to bring together 1,000 drummers in order to help 1,000 deserving Minnesota families.

Close your eyes and imagine a 30-piece all-star Twin Cities band featuring some of the best drummers in the world performing the final medley on The Beatles iconic Abbey Road album, led by the world’s most recorded drummer, Bernard Purdie, and featuring top drummers who have performed and recorded with artists such as Miles Davis, Joe Cocker, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, and Jonny Lang to name just a few.  

If you’re looking for the chance to meet and learn more from the lineup of impressive drummers, join us on September 19 for a trade show, hosted at McNally Smith College of Music.

All proceeds benefit The 30-Days FoundationThe 30-Days Foundation was founded in November 2010 by Twin Cities Musician and Singer-Songwriter, and charitable event producer and creator Mick Sterling.  

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