Sergio Garcia threw a GIANT TEMPER TANTRUM that would make 2-yr old blush!

Ho-ly toledo! You guys have to see this!

Over this past weekend Sergia Garcia participated in the Saudi International golf tournament. His experience though, was cut short as he was disqualified from the tournament for a breach of etiquette and violating the "spirit of the game".

According to officials, the real reason that Garcia was disqualified from the tournament was because he intentionally damaged up to five greens during competition. I don't have video of him damaging the greens, but wait until you see this.

On the par 3 fifth hole, Garcia found himself in the front bunker and his recovery shot didn't go as well as planned.

Then Garcia FLIPPED THE HECK OUT and completely lost his cool...I'm talking in such fashion that my 4-year old son loses his mind!

Check out the video below...



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