Video proof that cheaters DO prosper, tour Lance Armstrong's Aspen Mansion

Okay, so the title of this article isn't exactly how the video was originally presented but man it's the truth given Lance Armstrong's history.

Architectural Digest took a tour of the former cyclists Aspen mansion and man oh man. It's obviously massive but you guys, it has a pellet ice machine! That's like the only thing I've ever wanted in life. On top of that the kitchen is pretty banging, the man cave is sweet and there's a giant sweet wine cellar as well.

Here's the description from the video...

In this episode of 'Open Door,' Lance Armstrong takes us on a tour of his Aspen, Colorado home! From his original Kehinde Wiley painting to his workshop garage (complete with carpeting, snowboards and an old school popcorn maker), Lance shares it all!



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