Buckle up MN, 6"-8" of snow expected Monday night w/more later this week!❄️

Are you sick of the snow yet?

While 4"-6" inches are presently falling outside on a Sunday afternoon in Minnesota, a projected sizable amount is right around the corner with not one, but TWO HEAVY snowstorms expected later this week alone.

According to the National Weather Service, parts of Minnesota including the Twin Cities are expected to get another 8"-12" of snow Monday night, into Tueday morning. The heaviest amounts are expected to fall on south east Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Oh yeah, and there's another chance for up to 4" or so of snow to come later this week maybe Thursday.

So if you haven't already, gas up those snow blowers and consider putting on those snow tires, it could be another fun week in the "Bold North"!



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