If you thought traffic this AM was bad, wait until tomorrow! ❄️🚙🚕🚗❄️

If you're like me, you spent anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour sitting in traffic today for the aftermath of a snowstorm that ended before dinner yesterday. That was fun wasn't it?

Well, just wait until tomorrow!

The National weather service has already announced a weather advisory for parts of Minnesota including Hennepin county with the worst of a snowstorm expected to hit the south and south east of the metro area into Wisconsin. We're talking anywhere from 4"-10" depending on where the path of the storm hits the hardest. ( CLICK HERE for projected snow estimates)

So, my apologies in advance, it's going to suck. You're going to sit in your car all morning, might as well download your favorite Here on Earth or FAN Dads podcast and buckle up, you're in for a ride!



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