How Jerry Kill got into his P.J. Fleck savagery is worse than you think...

By now you've probably already heard the critical comments that former Gophers football coach Jerry Kill shared about current Gophers football coach P.J. Fleck on Sirius radio yesterday (if not CLICK HERE).

He didn't mince words and didn't hide the fact that the two coaches aren't exactly the biggest fans of each other. It's safe to say that they took two different paths to becoming a head coach and those ideals don't really work well together.

It came off more than a little petty coming from the retired football coach, but it's even worse when placed in the context of the full conversation.

Jerry was wrapping up a long interview about college football, his health and some about the University of Minnesota. The interview had wrapped up, the hosts were saying goodbye and just before he hung up the phone, Coach Kill threw in a little jab at P.J. Fleck that sparked the conversation that we all heard in the edited clip yesterday.

After the hosts begin saying goodbye, Kill jumps in and says "Make sure you tell P.J. about those ten games and the new stadium" in reference to an earlier comment about how Kill would have won more games than P.J. with his team and then that sparked the conversation about his critiques.

Listen to how the conversation started below...


Audio credit: Sirius Radio


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