NY Jets CEO calls out Vikings LB Anthony Barr for backing out of deal

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One year ago, the New York Jets were ticked at the Minnesota Vikings and quarterback Kirk Cousins because they believed that Kirk led the Jets on using them only as leverage to get more money from the Vikings. Not even one month ago now the Jets were ticked with the Vikings again, this time with their angst focused on linebacker Anthony Barr.

If you remember back to the negotiation window leading up to this year's free agency period, Anthony Barr had agreed to a deal with the New York Jets that he backed out of one day later to rejoin the Vikings. Barr told his side of the story a few days later to the Minnesota media and now it's time for the Jets to share their side...and boy did they ever!

New York Jets CEO Christopher Johnson spoke with reporters including those from the New York Daily News the other day and shared to critical words of Barr and the situation that unfolded.

“We want people on our team who want to be New York Jets,” Johnson told the meeting at the team meetings in Phoenix. “Not everybody wants to be in New York. If he didn’t want to be here, that’s fine. It’s disappointing when someone backs out on an agreement, but we want people who are all-in.”

The Vikings won't catch the Jets this season unless both teams reach the Super Bowl, but holy smokes, can you imagine that story line?

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