Here are the priceless artifacts that WERE & WEREN'T saved from Notre Dame

Yesterday evening a gigantic fire tore it's way through the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France. Most of the structure that was not made of stone is completely lost including wooden lattice work, the famous spire and much of the main building area.

The Cathedral was also home to countless historical documents and PRICELESS treasures and as of last evening the status of many of these treasures were unknown.

As the fire became under control and was put out, here's what we know about some of the treasures and what we don't know about some of the others.

  • The Crown of Thorns which was believed to be placed upon the head of Jesus during the crucifixion which is said to be the "most precious and most venerated relic" - STATUS = SAVED
  • "Tunic of St. Louis" - tunic worn by the king of France who was baptized at Notre Dame in the 1200s - STATUS = SAVED
  • The Twin Bell Towers - STATUS = SAVED
  • The Rose Windows - Iconic stained glassed windows - STATUS = SAVED

 Notre Dame, Paris
  • "Emanuelle" - The Cathedral's main bell in the South Bell Tower - STATUS = SAVED
  • The Original "Great Organ" - Dates back to medieval times with pipes still working from it's original build - STATUS = SAVED

The great organ and Rose window of Cath├ędrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg / Strasbourg Cathedral
  • Fragments of the True Cross - Believed to be pieces of the wooden cross on which Jesus was crucified - STATUS = UNCONFIRMED
  • The Holy Nail - Believed to be one of the nails used to nail Jesus to the cross - STATUS = UNCONFIRMED
  • Gargoyles and Chimaras - STATUS = UNCONFIRMED

There are countless other works of art stored within the church as well as an archaeolgical crypt under the courtyard that was created in the 19th century to protect artifacts. The status of such things is currently unknown.


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