Vikings & Kyle Rudolph break of contract negotiations!

San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings have a situation going on right now. It's not a serious problem, but it should be approached with caution. Presently standing, the Vikings don't have enough money in available cap space to sign their first round pick center Garret Bradbury.

This isn't a surprise problem, this scenario has been discussed since back before the Vikings selected 12 players in the 2019 NFL Draft. Now though, it's time to get down to the business of finding a way to loosen up some cap space and sign their top pick.

One of those options that has been discussed is some sort of a situation surrounding veteran tight end Kyle Rudolph. Presently, Kyle is slotted in as the fifth highest paid tight end and will count $7.625 million against the cap. It's thought that this number is too big for him which would open the door for a potential renegotiation.

According to Ian Rapoport and others on Twitter, those negotiation conversations between the team and Kyle's agent went south today and at least temporarily broke off.


This doesn't mean that Rudy is gone, it's more likely just a tactic by one side or the other to get the other side to bend a little more than they had planned.

That being said, it remains a very real possibility that if the Vikings are not able to negotiate Kyle down to a smaller number, he could be traded and according to the Rapoport tweet, there is interest in him throughout the league.


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