Wisconsin inmate allegedly admits to murdering Teresa Halbach | KFAN 100.3

It's been a while since we've last heard any sort of updates from the Making a Murderer crew. The trail surrounding Steven Avery and his new high profile lawyer seems to have at the very least, slowed down and with Season 2 now far enough in the rear view mirror, it's been out of sight out of mind for a while now.

Until Yesterday...

According Newsweek, a man already behind bars for murder has admitted to committing the murder of Teresa Halbach, the victim at the center of the Making a Murderer documentary on Netflix. The confession was actually filmed on video for an upcoming documentary titled Convicting a Murderer and that footage has now been turned over to authorities to be vetted out before the name of the inmate is made public.

Presently, Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are both serving time in prison for the murder of Halbach but both have claimed innocence from the very beginning.

Authorities are currently reviewing the admission and if necessary plan to interview the inmate in person for further details.


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