Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph Scammed by Memorabilia Salesman after Saints Game

After catching the game-winning touchdown in overtime against the New Orleans Saints last weekend it was all eyes on Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph. There were interview requests on the field, phone call requests from the locker room and skype requests from Deion Sanders. But it was one other request that caused a bit of controversy Wednesday afternoon.

According to Rudolph, he was approached after the game by a "member of the media" who asked for his game-worn gloves claiming that he was going to donate them to a charity for a charity auction. Kyle, being Kyle, even offered to autograph the gloves to help the cause and passed over the white gloves that caught the "Mardi Gras Miracle" as some have dubbed it.

Three days later, those very same gloves, with that very same autograph showed up sold in an Ebay Auction sold by a memorabilia dealer for $375.00.

After the situation was brought to Kyle's attention he address the scenario with the following tweets...


It's unclear if anyone will be able to identify the "media member" who snagged the gloves, but this sort of abuse of power is not good for players or media members going forward.


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